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Support Animals & Conservation by Making a Donation Today!

Sequoia Park Zoo inspires conservation of the natural world by instilling wonder, respect and passion for wildlife.

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How You Can Help:

Please join the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation in improving the Zoo we all love. This year, your gift will help improve animal habitats, increase ADA accessibility, and enhance visitors’ experiences. Thanks to supporters like you, the Sequoia Park Zoo has been transformed over the last few years. The Redwood Sky Walk has transported us up into the trees and now the bear and coyote habitat is nearly being complete. Here are some of the upcoming projects we can accomplish with your help:

Peccary Viewing Deck and Night Quarters

Chacoan peccaries have a fascinating story and are one of our critically endangered species at the Zoo. Visitors rarely get a good view of these South American animals or learn that story due to the layout of their habitat. In 2023 we plan to build a new viewing deck that will improve visitor access to this exhibit, add seating, make an ADA accessible overlook and give peccaries Kevbo, Ramone, Ichabod and Oliver new night quarters.

Red Panda Habitat Improvements

The red panda exhibit has been a favorite since it was created in 2010. Thirteen years later, it needs to be refreshed for the experience of the animals and visitors. With your support, we will update and expand the habitat for Sumo and Cinni, the father and daughter red pandas, and Jack their Indian muntjac habitat-mate. This means improving and remodeling viewing stations, lengthening the footprint of the habitat, renewing climbing and sleeping areas and excluding redwoods from the exhibit which are being damaged to protect our native trees.

California Condor Medical Care

We are proud to be part of the story of bringing Prey-go-neesh, the California condor, back to the skies above coastal redwood forests. The Condor Care Center has recently been completed with generous donor support. We already have been part of caring for one local condor, transporting condor “A7” for treatment at Oakland Zoo. As the Center begins its work, we will need to financially support the medical care of these highly endangered animals. I hope you will join us in this piece of returning California condors to the land.

These projects are just part of what your support will help accomplish. The Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation is working with Zoo staff to add new educational displays around the Zoo, provide lighting on the Redwood Sky Walk, add opportunities to memorialize loved ones and preparing for the next transformational exhibit.

Thank you for being a champion for Sequoia Park Zoo. I hope you will visit soon to see what your gifts have already accomplished. Thank you for helping make this a better place in the future with your support today.

As an Association of Zoos & Aquariums accredited zoo, we meet the highest standards in animal care and welfare and provide a fun, safe, and educational family experience. In addition, AZA-institutions dedicate millions of dollars annually to support scientific research, conservation, and education programs. Sequoia Park Zoo inspires conservation of the natural world by instilling wonder, respect and passion for wildlife.

About the below video: Red panda Sumo is paw-sitively adorable showing off his artistic ability! Those furry feet make excellent paintbrushes but also provide insulation on cold days and secure grip on slippery surfaces. Red pandas actually have very ill-defined paw prints since their feet are fuzzy. They lack paw pads (like dogs & cats have) and instead have fur covering the soles of their feet.